Hello Visitor! Welcome to the wonderful world of Osterrieth Invest. Our company was founded in 1986, with core activities in real estate, property and private wealth management. Our strength lies in representing buyers and sellers of estates that are not yet on the market. We are a family-owned business, supported by the in-house availability of certified real estate agents, architects and an interior decorator. We invite you to take a closer look at our website for further information.

Real Estate

Our goal is to offer our customers maximum services built on our experience and knowledge in real estate, in order to transform their current and future investments in valuable assets on a long term basis. As a recognized real estate agent (BIV nr. 502227) and energy expert (EP 07458) in Belgium with an extended network of partnerships abroad, we offer tailored solutions and advice to meet your real estate and property management needs.

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Wealth Management

Our specialists from Private Wealth & Investment Management offer solution-oriented and customized services for the sustainability and the long-term growth of (family) assets. Feel free to contact us directly for further information.


Osterrieth Invest offers a specific range of consulting services to support your business. We strive to provide high calibre, cost effective business solutions that meet market demands, tailoring these services to suit the precise requirements of our individual clients. Our specialty lies within the maintance and growth of B2B business relationships, and within the improvement of the interaction between intercompany departments.